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3.2 About White Huns:


The white Huns attacked India between 454 and 510 AD. They were actually pushed into India by actual Huns or Turk Huns during this period .Some scholars believe that they were called and considered Huns by mistake. Though, their culture and physical descriptions were not so different from actual Huns. They might have been a group of Kushans who settled in Persia at the time of the fall of Kushan rule. When they were attacked by Kok-turks or genuine Huns, They had to enter India in order to save their life and to save their identity they had to fight out the tribes ruling India that time. They were no way related to the genuine Huns. Their natural assimilation into the Indian population is key evidence that they were accepted as a lost Indian tribe by other Kshatriyas. They were son worshippers and were called Shaiv (One who believes in Lord Siva). They were never discussed after 6th CE. Today also we find many people in Kshatriya tribes with Hun Surname.


The first attack under Chu-Han in 455 AD was repelled back by SkandaGupta and India was saved from Huns for a short period of 10 years. In 465 AD fresh Hun armies attacked Guptas under Tomar-han or Tomaran-1. This time the Guptas were totally vanished by Hunas and many flourishing cities under Gupta territories were completely demolished. They killed innocent people for just fun. The Gurjars kept fighting under Yasodharman. The ruling seat of hepthallites was Sakala (modern Sialkot in paksitan). Tourman-2 was killed by Gupta ruler Bhanugupta in 510 AD. After him his son Mihirgul* (means Sunflower) took over the throne, he was even crueler than his father. He was also defeated by Yasodharman in 528 AD.  The remaining Huns were assimilated into Kshatriya population. The Huns ruled as petty rulers in Kashmir until 567 AD under Vasukula, son of MihirGula. Nothing much is known about them after that.




Map 3.2 Map shows Empire of White Huns in India



Famous White Hun Rulers in India

  • Chu-han (?-454)

  • Tomar-Han Akhsunvar (467- 496)

  • Tomar-Han (496?- 502) or Tomaran-1

    • Mihirakula (502 530/540)

      • Tomaran-2 (530-567)

      • Vasukula-2 (530 567)

      • Narendra or Narana (570-600)

      • Baka

    • Vasukula-1

    • Gopladitya (ruled Kasmir in 7th century)

Mihiragula was succeeded by his son called Ajitanjanya (Toraman-2 or Vasukula?)

The last Hephthal king Narana/Narendra managed to maintain some kind of rule between 570 and 600 AD over the 'nspk' or 'napki' or 'nezak' tribes that remained after most of the Alχon had fled to the west.

All these facts prove that these white hunas were actually Shaiv Kshatriyas, who returned to their homeland and were considered as foreign invaders or Hunas.



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