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3.8 Reign of the Mighty Harshavardhana


The rule of Harshavardhana from (606-647AD) being the only consolidated rule after the Guptas is described in details through various sources. The predecessors of Harshavardhana were from Thaneshwar. Harshavardhana was the younger son of Prabhakara Vardhana, Raja of Thaneshwar. Prabhakaravardhana died in 605 AD. Prabhakaravardhana's daughter Rajyasri was married to the king Maukhari King Grahavarman. Sasanka the king of Gauda, with the help of the king of Malwa defeated and killed Grahavarman of Kannauj and imprisoned Rajyasri. Rajyavardhan who then ruled Kannauj advanced against Sasanka to avenge his sisterís fate. But he was killed by Sasanka.  Thus the throne of Kannauj became vacant and Harshavardhana had to ascend the throne. Harshavardhana pursued a policy of conquest to consolidate his authority over North India. Punjab, Kannauj, parts of Bihar and Bengal formed a part of his kingdom as a result of his conquests. By 612 Harshavardhana consolidated his kingdom in northern India. The problems caused by the small independent kingdoms who were engaged in conflicts among themselves was overcome after the subjection of these petty states extending from the east to west. In 620AD Harshavardhana invaded the Chaulukya kingdom in the Deccan which was then ruled by Pulakesin II. But the Chaulukya resistance proved tough for Harshavardhana and he was defeated. Thus his kingdom in the south was upto the limit of the Narmada. His alliance with king Bhaskaravarman the ruler of Kamrupa (Assam) also proves advantageous in establishing a strong rule.



Map 3.4 Map shows the Kingdom of Harshavardhana


Harshavardhana died in about 647 AD. After his death there was disorder in Northern India. During the period from the death of Harshavardhana to the conquest of the Muslims Indian history circles around numerous kingdoms in the north and south. The territories of Harsha was parceled among various rulers. Narasinghavarman, the Pallava King of Kanchi, became the sovereign power in the peninsula. King Bhaskravarman of Assam annexed the territories formerly under Harshavardhana


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